Contract Methods

In this case we will just have two methods, set_status and get_status.


    pub fn set_status(&mut self, message: String) {
        let account_id = env::signer_account_id();
        self.records.insert(&account_id, &message);

Unlike the counter this method takes an argument, meassage which is a String. This message is then inserted into the map, which writes it to storage. You'll notice a &, which learned about in the previous chapter, this is how we pass a reference to insert, which will then be able to read the String to write it to storage.


    pub fn get_status(&self, account_id: String) -> Option<String> {

Here is our first example of an Option type. An Option is other some value or nothing, Option::Some(value), Option::None. This is the same as null in other languages. records.get will return None if the account was not in the map. This function will then return None.

We also need to convert the string account_id to an AccountId. There is a parse method, which returns will potentially fail if the account_id is invalid. In rust this is a Result, which either has a value or an error. unwrap let's us access the value and will panic and exit if there was an error.